Moving, College of Alameda, Lake Merritt

Thursday we went to College of Alameda. At first we thought that things were not going to turn out well because there were very few people around the campus, especially being accustomed to the amount of people at Laney College. We spent an hour and a half contacting people and even went into a few classrooms to invite people.

We met at a tree that stood out in a very tranquil part of the campus where we did the ceremony of Well-Being with 6 new people, one who’d participated before in Laney College and just happened to have a class at College of Alameda. Before doing the ceremony we shared who we were going to ask for. This was very nice because it allowed us to get to know a little bit about everyone and we felt very connected.

At the end of the ceremony we got the great news that we’d been accepted into an apartment!

It’s small, but very nice and has a half circle area with windows where we are going to do the ceremonies.

We got a lot of donations, chairs, tables, a couch, things for the kitchen, food, etc and the next day we signed the contract and moved in!

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Lake Merritt. We had a ceremony with 9 new people, after 45 minutes of diffusion. At the end some shared about who they were asking for and why.

We felt that the Message doesn’t function according to logic, to math, from statistics or from the appearance of the people, when we least expect it, they come.

At night, we had a surprise party for Mati’s birthday, with Janet, Ken, Kate, Marcelo, and Kathy to eat american-style bacon cheeseburgers with french fries and apple pie Milkshakes.

We ended the night over coffee with our friends in our new house and a ceremony to positively charge the apartment.

Today we’re going back to Lake Merritt and at night we’re going to have the inauguration Potluck!


IMG_5078   IMG_5079 




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